Our sports services team are responsible for event management, player management and account management – all of which we seek to create long term relationships based on commerciality.

In particular, Blackbridge is in a unique position to leverage its global relationships and arrange and facilitate the hosting of major events, including sports related tours and exhibition matches.

This is particularly the case in respect of international football as it is the most popular sport in the world by considerable margins. We have particularly strong relationships in the lucrative Asian market where the sport is going from strength to strength and its following is becoming religious. Our strategic partnerships with world leading organisations, government entities, and importantly sponsors, assist us in delivering global-sized events with the element of boutique and personal attention.

Our event management services are about value-adding as opposed to mere hosting. Our services are “cradle to grave” starting from event planning or idea initiation and finishing with event delivery and feedback. We do all this by creating unique partnerships with all stakeholders.

Events can often lead to long-term account relationships bringing longevity to the sponsorship arrangement and securing a long-term success-based relationship.